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We pray for those called to serve: those whom you have called, those you are calling now, and those you will call in the future. May they be open and responsive to the call of serving your people. Do not judge, and you will not be judged; do not condemn, and you will not be condemned.

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Forgive, and you will be forgiven. My king blessed but two fish and five loaves so that they satisfied five thousand. Happy are they who have Christ for their cook!

The giver was generous and bountiful, so that there remained twelve baskets over. Blathmac, an 8th century Irish Poet. A Summer Blessing. May His face shine upon you. May He be gracious to you. May He look upon you with kindness. May you know His peace. Lord Jesus Christ, shepherd of souls, who called the apostles to be fishers of men, raise up new apostles in your holy Church. Teach them that to serve you is to reign: to possess you is to possess all things. Kindle in the hearts of your children the fire of zeal for souls.

Make them eager to spread your Kingdom upon earth. Grant them courage to follow you, who are the Way, the Truth and the life. When we love, the depth in us Thrusts itself forward until The empty space between Becomes gradually woven Into an embrace where longing Can close its weary eyes. Love can seldom end clean; For all the tissue is torn And each lover turned stranger Is dropped into a ruin of distance Where emptiness is young and fierce.

Time becomes strange and slipshod; It mixes memories that felt The kiss of the eternal With the blistering hurt of now. Unknown to themselves, Certain small things Touch nerve-lines to the heart And bring back with colour and force All that is utterly lost. This is the time to be slow, Lie low to the wall Until the bitter weather passes. Try, as best you can, not to let, The wire brush of doubt Scrape from your heart All sense of yourself And your hesitant light.

If you remain generous, Time will come good; And you will find your feet Again on fresh pastures of promise, Where the air will be kind And blushed with beginning. As Mary Magdalene met you in the garden on the morning of your resurrection, so may we meet you today and every day. Speak to us as you spoke to her, reveal yourself as the living Lord, renew our hope and kindle our joy. Send us to share the Good news with others. The feast of feasts, the festival of hope, the mother of all Sundays, luminous in the full moon of spring, radiant in the rising of the sun, Easter dances upon my rooftop and plays like a newborn child in the cradle of my heart.

I rejoice like all of creation, sailing on springtime's seed-bearing breezes, and like the lily's trumpet, I open wide my throat and my heart to join with all of heaven and earth in singing out the symphony of joy at Easter's annual return. I take hope in Christ's victory over death, hope that, one with him, I will also have my easter morning when I will be freed from the prison, the decaying dusty tomb, of my marrow and stony spirit.

I trust that I too will spring-like arise to a fullness of living and loving, to a life beyond all time and space, to a life one with you, my God. Morning Prayer to Jesus Crucified.

Star Light – Star Bright

I kiss the wounds in your Sacred Feet with sorrow deep and true May every step I take today be a million acts of love for you. I kiss the wounds of your Sacred Hands with sorrow deep and true May every touch of my hands today be a million acts of love for you. I kiss the wounds in your Sacred Head with sorrow deep and true May every thought in my mind today be a million acts of love for you.

I kiss the wounds in your Sacred Heart with sorrow deep and true May every beat of my heart today be a million acts of love for you. I kiss the wounds in your Sacred Shoulder with sorrow deep and true May every cross I bear today be a million acts of love for you.

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Ever Faithful God in this new year I pray:. Help me to hold this vision and to daily renew it in my heart, becoming ever more one with you, my truest Self. I arise with amazement at the presence of the Holy One. I arise with gratitude for life.

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I arise with hope that all shall be well. I arise with courage to meet what will be difficult.

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  8. I arise with conviction to do what is life-giving. I arise with eyes ever alert for beauty. I arise with openness to greater truth. I arise with desire for continued transformation.

    a star shines for love queen of peace Manual

    I arise with compassion for the hurting ones in the cosmos. I arise with grief still settled in my spirit. I arise with a sense of kinship with all whom I love. I arise with determination to make good choices in using my time. I arise with willingness to help those who will need my care.

    I arise with hesitation as I think about the pain that may come. I arise with longing for ever greater inner freedom. I arise with happiness, knowing that I am invited to live life more fully. I arise with love for the Holy One, my Intimate Companion. Compassionate God and faithful Friend, thank you for the opportunity to walk into another year of life.

    Star of the Sea, Seafarers Prayers - Catholic Prayer

    Help me to be faithful, to be generous, to be yours. In your compassion come and refresh me; listen to my cry, answer my plea! Be to me a rock, a tower of strength, a strong arm to uphold me, as I abandon myself into your hands. Be a very Presence to me as fear grips me. For You, O Friend, are my hope, my strength, since I was but a child.

    Upon you have I trusted from my birth, You, whom I knew before my mother's womb. I continually sing praises to you. I have been a burden to many; In you alone will I trust.

    source url I am filled with gratitude and sing your praises all the day. Do not abandon me in my old age; desert me not when my strength is spent, or when my mind plays tricks with me. For fears rise up to confuse me, doubts and forgetfulness band together, And say,"the Beloved no longer dwells with you; there is no one to stand by you. O Friend be not far from me; O Beloved come and enfold me in your Presence!

    Help me to release my fears. Hear my prayer that they may be transformed, O You, who are my Counsellor. As I surrender myself into your hands, I praise you more and more. I tell others of your goodness of your compassion and grace all the day; for your glory is beyond my understanding. As I grow in inner peace and serenity, I sing songs of praise, to You my Friend!