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Oh, everybody was freaked out. The music of that era was so intertwined with politics. How do you feel that compares with popular music these days? Is music addressing political upheaval? Oh, I think so.

Javier Colon

Especially hip-hop. But I wish there was a little bit more political activism. All of German intellectual history—Goethe and Beethoven—was subverted by the Nazis. It happened in a thirty-year span and brought German culture to its knees. They want all the power for themselves, and I think that suits Donald Trump right now.

You also take shots at Ronald Reagan and Rupert Murdoch. As a popular performer, was there a cost to speaking out? I never talked onstage for about fifteen years. But there were certain causes that we as a musical community united against, and one of them was nuclear power. If somebody asked, I was perfectly happy to give my opinion. Do you remember what upset you so much?

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Well, first of all, I never heard Howard Stern on the radio. I had no idea who he was. But it had just been on the news that day, what he had said about—oh, the girl singer. Selena, yeah. And it just offended me. It was best when I forgot about everything and just thought about the music, but it took me a long time to get there. We were encouraged in the sixties to think of us and them. The hippies started that whole tribal thing, and it was the straights against the hippies.

It was unhealthy. Your relationship with Jerry Brown is covered in the documentary and in your book, but not your relationships with some other prominent people, like Jim Carrey and George Lucas.

Can't access Google Voice from landline phone (star prompt no longer working) - Google Voice Help

Is there a reason for that? Water in California.

ONE GUY, 54 VOICES (With Music!) Drake, TØP, P!ATD, Puth, MCR, Queen - Famous Singer Impressions

He said when he retires he wants to study trees and California Indians. The press always made such a big deal about the fact that you never got married. But I never needed to get married. I had my own life. I had a crush on Kermit, so it was a problem because of Miss Piggy. He was her property. But we had a really good time on that show. I loved watching them.

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They let me help them with the story and the songs. This crush that I had on Kermit, they developed into a little storyline where Miss Piggy and I have a confrontation. I was just ambushed by that song. They sang a really good song. You should hear it. The manager I had at the time said it was too corny. Somebody said it would never be a hit. I sang it all the way through my career. I was surprised anything of mine was successful, because it always seemed so hodge-podge. We needed to have an uptempo song to close the show with, and that was a song I knew from the radio. Not having the ability to observe other people, because people are observing you.

I had to keep my head down all the time.

The Yellow Star

It was kind of excruciating. I still feel that way. Also, relationships were hard, because I was always on the bus. In the media, women are built up with sex as a weapon and men are threatened by it as much as they are drawn to it, and they retaliate as hard as they can. I have to say that when I look at my whole career, over all, what counted the most was whether you showed up and played the music. I saw it happen with Emmylou, and I saw it happen with Joni Mitchell.

Joni Mitchell was threatening to everybody. She could play better. She could sing better. She looked better. She could just do it all. Did you find that there were things that were harder for you as a woman than for your male contemporaries? Well, I had to do makeup and hair. Guys just shower and put on any old clothes.

Diana Rouvas

And then there were high heels. I have extra ankle bones in each foot, and high heels were agonizing.

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  6. I used to wear them onstage, kick them off, hide my feet behind the monitors, and find my shoes again before I had to leave the stage. At the height of your rock-and-roll fame, you decided to do Gilbert and Sullivan. What drew you to that? My mother had a book of Gilbert and Sullivan operettas on piano, and somehow I learned the songs. I heard my sister practicing them. Part of me was very tired of it. I liked the idea of a proscenium stage. I think a proscenium has a lot to do with focussing your attention. A theatre is a machine built to focus your attention and allow you to dream.

    Throughout the eighties, you experimented wildly with genre, everything from Puccini to the Great American Songbook to Mexican canciones. And I realized, all of a sudden, people might not show up. They really might hate it. I was ordering matzo-ball soup from the Carnegie Deli next door, and it gave me the shakes so bad that I could barely stand when I got onstage. I was holding hands with Nelson Riddle in the wings—he was nervous, too. He wrote beautiful charts for me.