Manual Countdown to the Principalship: How Successful Principals Begin Their School Year

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P.S. Principal Matters Update: We keep growing!
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Whether you are using your school website, school-wide communication apps, or social media — share out important announcements and reminders various times throughout the summer to set expectations for the new school year. One way to do this is to maintain a list as you start the year that you can use again the following year s.

Rely on a team secretaries, assistants, lead teachers who can help you stay on track. Sometimes principals have well-defined expectations for teachers but forget about non-instrucational staff. Consider working with each staff member on well-defined key responsiblity areas. You can learn more and see samples in previous posts.

Assistant principal in-depth

Everyone is anxious in good or bad ways about the start of school. And they are looking to the principal to set the tone. So manage the high anxiety by demonstrating a sense of calm and reassurance. One way to do this is by including celebration in your welcome-back. Provide lunch, give them a gift, communicate positivity, reassure them again and again that it will be a great year and all will be well.

New teachers, old teachers, new students, returning students, new parents — you will have several groups who need to be welcomed in orientation meetings. Each group will have different needs, but the goals are the same: communication expectations, be positive, and be available to answer questions. Think through your school-wide processes from the fresh perspective of a student, parent or teacher, and then decide what steps to take moving forward so that everyone in your school or organization has clarity on what to expect.

The Essential School Principal: A Changing Role in a Changing School

Take time to reflect on the above questions, tips, and checklist. What are some steps you can be taking right now to prepare for a great school year? How can you keep the perspective of your students, teachers, staff, and parents in mind in each part of your preparation? Who can you include on your team in accomplishing these goals?

What Does A School Principal ACTUALLY Do?

It commenced with a two-day staff orientation programme on the 5th of June, by Fr. Magi Murzello from St. Andrews School, Mumbai. Magi, with his experience, gave us mind provoking ideas on how to strengthen our abilities as teachers by emphasizing on using the right words at the right time, being creative, lively and enthusiastic in the classroom. On day two, Dr. Kersi Chavda briefed the staff about various topics regarding mental health of an individual and dealing with them on a day to day basis.

Understanding these concepts of behavior modifications-it helped the staff reach out to the students in a more practical manner. Our children have been provided with a number of opportunities this year. At St. With the Audio Visual Room, Smart Board, two well- furnished and updated computer labs, E- library, 3D lab and a new server-room available, we have a multi-pronged approach to teaching.

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Many students have excelled in individual achievements outside the school, while others have been exposed to programmes conducted by the external Educational Groups. Ankit also achieved a global rank 1 in the first edition of ISL, out of 10, plus students and a plus schools from across India and the Middle East. He was awarded the most promising player by the Mumbai School Sports Association My hearty congratulations to both of you. The school auditorium is now fully renovated and functional with high-tech audio visual equipment security and safety of our children is of prime importance to us.

The management has installed several high-resonances C. Cameras all over in the school premises. The school teachers are efficiently using the school Mobile App, which has now become an important tool of communication between the teachers and parents. Teachers and students are both assisted and encouraged to adopt E-Learning. The staff rooms have been well-furnished to create a conducive environment for a smart work culture. New walls and colorful pictures have been put up to make the staff room even more pleasing to the eye.

Over the past few years, St. Academic standards are comparatively high, as proved by our I. We have a full-fledged counselling department, functioning throughout the day to provide our students with proper guidance and care. In order to prevent any class without surveillance, the management has engaged a couple of floating teachers to support the existing teaching faculty.

Morning assemblies have become vibrant and exciting with the two huge screens with L. D projectors used every-day, enhancing the value system of our students. Lockers are being effectively used by our students from classes 5 to 10, thus reducing the weight off their shoulders. Dramatics has been our core activity, truly loved and cherished by our students.

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Drama promotes the love for language and builds confidence, it also adds to the fun of teaching-learning. We have inculcated the practice of introducing a new word, its meaning and its usage in a sentence, every-day to the students to increase their vocabulary.

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Inter-house Quiz is held at the beginning of the year to challenge our students and stimulate their intellect. Our school is a Jesuit Institution, well-known for its values and ethics. The school fosters world-renowned order of educators, Jesuits, the flag bearers of the religious order, Society of Jesus; the value orientation in such a school or college is of the highest order. Furthering the value system in a Jesuit school is the joint venture of parents and teachers who really are the mentors in the formative years of a child.

Parents, I thank you for your support in some very crucial matters of discipline, cleanliness and finance. I do hope you all will continue to help and assist us as we soargreater heights in every area of development.

P.S. Principal Matters Update: We keep growing!

A big thank you to the enthusiastic and energetic P. I sincerely thank our teachers, as their hard work and efficiency has made a big difference in the lives of your children. During the course of the academic year, St. Sabin Castellino, Ms. Sunita Andrade, Ms. Emmy Fernandes and Mr. Samson Dias. We wish them many dedicated and growth filled years in St. During the academic year, Ms. VanitaDongre, Ms. DavinaMenezes, Ms. Nicole Gomes and Ms. MangalBana left the school for better prospects. We thank them for the services rendered to our school and wish them all the very best in their future endeavors.

Ankit Bhattacharya stood first among the students with He was followed by Abhinav Bharat in the second place with Dear boys, St. My heartiest congratulations to all these students whose efforts have been crowned with success! Writing Sample: Prepare a Professional Reflection double-spaced pages, word-processed in either Times New Roman point or Ariel point, page numbers and your name in upper right corner. Describe how your classroom evidences the components of highly effective teaching and learning i. If you cite literature or resources to support your comments, then you must adhere to the academic writing guidelines provided in 6th edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.

Provide following supporting documentation with your application: Statement of your dispositions for educational leadership Evidence of your improving student learning Evidence of your advanced knowledge of curriculum, instruction and assessment Evidence of your leadership at the building level within a school Recommendations: Two recommendation forms from persons e.

One recommendation must be from your superintendent or their designee. International Teachers. Kentucky rank change is also governed by EPSB.

The Principal Education Specialist Ed. For information regarding current program cost please refer to the UK Graduate Tuition and Fees page. Feel free to use the form at bottom of this page to submit any questions you may have!

PMP Preparing for the Start-of-School Year | Principal Matters

Upon completion of the appropriate courses, you will have a Principal Education Specialist Ed. S degree. If you plan to complete a University of Kentucky online program while living outside of Kentucky, you should check the Out-of-State Students page to determine if the University of Kentucky is authorized to provide this program in your state of residence. If you plan to use the degree to seek licensure, you should also determine if the degree meets the educational requirements for licensure in your state.