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  1. Smith Wigglesworth | Bibliography | Sermons
  2. Smith Wigglesworth – An Apostle of Faith
  3. Have Faith in God
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Smith Wigglesworth | Bibliography | Sermons

Related Pages. Smith wigglesworth quotes Public Figure. Smith Wigglesworth: Compilation of Teachings Author. Benny hinn Religious Organization. Kenyon Public Figure. Charles G Finney Author. Recent Post by Page. Smith Wigglesworth - Dedication to God's General. Praise God that this page is growing and thank you all for your cont Continue Reading. That is the perfect way of healing. Do not turn to the right or to the left Deut.

Greetings to you all From time to time as this page grows, it becom Just people who have been touched by the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth and want to encourage and share with others things the Holy Spirit spoke through this man. We also from time to time share things from ministers of today who have been impacted greatly through Apostle Wigglesworth's ministry.

With this said - lately we have been getting a large amount of requests to help people financially.

Smith Wigglesworth – An Apostle of Faith

We are not in a position on this page to financially cover your ministry, to send you to bible college, or send necessary supplies for your ministry. We do our best to see if there is a ministry near you that may be able to help you but please understand we are not in a position as a page to financially support you. It is so wonderful to see, hear and witness so many being impacted and touched by Apostle Wigglesworth's ministry and being introduced to the man of God's ministry.

It's so encouraging to hear testimonies of how people are being impacted through this page. For those that don't know: Apostle Wigglesworth passed away some 70 years ago - we are a dedication page to the man of God and at no time claim to be him. We cannot pass his mantle to you but encourage you that God is not a respecter of persons and if you want to be used as Apostle Wigglesworth was used; study his life, study his relationship with God, study how disciplined he was, do likewise and see what happens.

There is no "microwave" anointing that will become yours simply because someone prays for you - if you want to be used the way a certain man or woman of God has been used: study their life, study their relationship with God, study their discipline and do likewise. One thing about Apostle Wigglesworth - he never went more than a half hour without praying and was always reading and studying his bible.

He was so in tune with the Holy Spirit that he would not move unless he was told to. Have a blessed day in Jesus' Name. See More. I want to define, express, or bring into prominence the difference between natural faith and this faith that I am going to read about, beginning at the sixteenth verse: But rise and stand on your feet; for I have appeared to you for this purpose, to make you a minister and a witness both of the things which you have seen and of the things which I will yet reveal to you.

Acts Is that the faith of Paul?

This supernatural raising of the dead took place in Smith Wigglesworth's ministry not once, not twice, but 14 times. Some say it was even more. Wigglesworth had the God kind of faith to command the dead to come back to life again.

Have you ever seen someone raised from the dead? If your answer is no, may I ask, "Have you ever prayed for it? I didn't say it--Jesus did. He rebuked the Pharisees and religious leaders in His day saying, " 'Thus you have made the commandment of God of no effect by your tradition'" Matt. Tradition may steal your faith in three ways: 1.

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Tradition takes doubt to school and produces unbelief. The Spirit of God still moves freely even when there is doubt, because doubt is nothing more than questioning. Yet even Jesus found it harder to work miracles in the presence of unbelief see Matt. Tradition will school you in the art of producing unbelief. Tradition makes the Word of God of no effect by training you to ignore the power of Satan, to trivialize the spirit of the Antichrist and to be ignorant of your own power.

When we portray the archangel of hell, the chief of demons, as wearing a laughable red suit with horns and a forked tail, he doesn't mind at all! He knows that to refuse to acknowledge the existence of a literal, utterly evil devil is the first step to refusing to acknowledge the existence of a literal God. The Word of God specifically forbids men to trivialize demonic power.

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Tradition steals your faith and hope; it refuses to allow you to stand up in the winter of your life and bear fruit as if it were springtime. Tradition will train you in the art of being a weak, ineffectual Christian. Tradition refuses to allow you to call those things that be not as though they were. It refuses to allow you to offer the sacrifice of praise, giving thanks to God even when you are experiencing pain and sorrow. It energizes and empowers the way you do battle in the heavenly realm. When faith takes hold in the redeemed human spirit, walls come down!

Have Faith in God

Suddenly our words take on creative capability. We find that when we declare a thing in the Spirit, God establishes it. If faith is rising in your heart as you read these words, begin to declare your miracle. Open up your mouth and speak creative words with the anointing of God. Get radical, "promised land" faith! Do you know that God has given you the power to establish your world within the boundaries of His Word?

You create your world by declaring the Word of God into your future by faith! Hagin tells the story of the time God spoke to Wigglesworth to "go raise Lazarus. However, he contracted tuberculosis. This man spent six years as an invalid by the time Wigglesworth received the orders from God to seek him out. Wigglesworth wrote down on a postcard what the Lord said and mailed it to the miner's home before his visit. When he arrived, he was greeted at the door by a man holding the card.

Here, take it! Then the man called a servant and said, "Take this man and show him Lazarus. The man had been spoon-fed his meals for six years, but, even as bad as the illness was, the state of his faith was worse than the state of his physical body. Most of us would have taken the cynic's advice, given our condolences and headed for home. Wigglesworth didn't have that option because he had heard from God. Faith doesn't give up and it doesn't give in--it prevails.

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He greeted Lazarus and left the house, but he would soon return. Wigglesworth sought out seven other people to stand with him in prayer that night. After praying and fasting all night, they showed up at Lazarus' house the following morning.

They were greeted by the same cynical family member who greeted Wigglesworth the day before. But Wigglesworth had been fasting, and God had told him what to do: "Don't pray, don't anoint him with oil, don't touch him. All eight of you gather around the bed and repeat the name of Jesus.